It’s been a while!!

So looking at the blog it’s been a hell of a long time since we posted anything, and really that’s because there hasn’t been any chastity in a long time, mostly due to ongoing issues with devices.

Last week we decided to dust off the CB-6000 and lock up Mr P’s cock again.  The next six days were amazing, with so many orgasms for me, as well as a lot of tease and deny for Mr P.  I had totally forgotten how much I love the control of locking up a cock!!

Unfortunately as has happened every time we try and use the CB-6000 after about a week it starts to cause issues and I just don’t think that it is suitable for long term usage as the fit is just not good enough, so we are currently looking into a longer term solution, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

Back in chastity

So we locked Mr Panda back up early in the week but due to some unforeseen circumstances he had to be unlocked again for a few days 😔. But from tonight he is back in lock up and will not be coming out for a little while!  I’ve explained to him that he needs to earn everything and that since our chastity ended a while ago he has managed to become untrained! So it may take him a while to earn what he wants!

We started tonight with a tease and denial session for Mr Panda and he is now locking himself up as I write this!!

Looking forward to having my horny panda back!!


January 26 2016
So after an interesting year off, swinging free so to speak, we have restarted chastity.
Had to stop because of illness/injury, started locking again after a sexy dice game that I lost. I had forgotten how good it feels to relinquish control again, loved that locked up tight feeling.
Only at 1 day so coping well so far, happily providing what miss panda wants and needs.

Plan on some photos tomorrow and will ask miss panda to update.